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Video of the week | 03

New Order, ‘The Perfect Kiss’
Directed by Jonathan Demme | Cinematography by Henri Alekan

When this video was released in September 1985, it was to a certain extent a risky venture: to shoot an 11-minute video live, with live sound and no overdubs, for a unconventional song by a major, though not world-famous rock band was not the mainstream approach.

The Perfect Kiss | New Order

The vinyl, twelve-inch version of The Perfect Kiss (FAC 123)

The result is a unique piece of work/art, showing a band ill at ease in front of the camera, but playing great music which was to inspire dozens of bands in the decades to follow.

Jonathan Demme, who won the Academy Award for Best Director a few years later for ‘The Silence of the Lambs’, had previously directed the Talking Heads’ live performance ‘Stop Making Sense.’

It is worth noting that the cinematographer on this video was Henri Alekan who worked, just to name a few, on Jean Cocteau’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (La Belle et la Bête, 1946) or ‘Wings of Desire’ (Der Himmel über Berlin, 1987), by Wim Wenders.

Like all Factory Records releases or events, the video had a catalogue number, (FAC 321), which can be seen at the beginning of the video.

The full-length, studio version of this song appears on Substance, New Order’s 1987 major (2-CD) compilation. It is unedited, contrary to the 1985 album version which appears on Low-Life .

When Concert Tickets were not pdf files

Not so long ago (or, to be perfectly honest, about two decades ago) when you bought concert tickets, you actually got paper tickets with similar graphic artwork as the album the artist was promoting on tour. Now all you get is a pdf file with a barcode.

Here are tickets I found in some bottom drawer. Regardless of the questionable variety of musical styles, the average price of a ticket when I started attending concerts was the equivalent of twenty euros, i.e. the third of what it costs now.

Video of the week | 02

Depeche gear, or history for sale

In 2011, ex-Depeche Mode virtuoso keyboard player Alan Wilder decided to put up for auction most of the equipment, records, instruments, clothes and memorabilia he collected over the years he spent with the band.

Whether he did that to pay taxes or out of resentment for his DM years, nobody knows (a little bit of both, probably). However, this brilliant musician turned into a salesman just for the length of four interesting videos shot prior to the auction, in which he presented several of the items listed in the catalogue, and that were to be sold shortly afterwards.

Two years later, Alan Wilder put up for sale his s-class Mercedes convertible. Even rock stars can be practical.